Quique Somenzini

Quique Somenzini explains the technology behind Carbon-Z and what it means for the future of how you fly.

Carbon-Z™ is a patent-pending construction technique that fuses the lightweight durability of Z-Foam™ material with the superior strength and rigidity of carbon fiber. The result is a structure that is every bit as strong and light as an all-wood airframe with an exterior that looks great in all temperatures and weather. The modular airframe components of a Carbon-Z design also make repairs easy. Almost every component, including control surfaces, can be replaced with nothing more than a screw driver. No gluing, sanding or covering necessary.

Underside of Carbon-Z Wing

CARBON-Z Scimitar

The E-flite Carbon-Z Scimitar carves through the sky a whole new threshold of aerobatic maneuverability.

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Watch Quique put the Carbon-Z Yak 54 through its paces as he demonstrates the amazing performance Carbon-Z construction makes possible.

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