The Inner Workings of the AS3X System

2/2/2012 by Horizon Hobby

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AS3X - The Inner Workings of the AS3X System

What AS3X System Equipped UMX Airplanes Means to You

         The AS3X™ System is an industry first for airplanes. Artificial Stabilization – 3 aXis, is technology that delivers super stable flight performance and increased agility so that the RC pilot can have more control and better handling. Because the technology is intricately designed into the ultra micro circuitry, it can be applied to ultra micro airplanes that battle wind and instability issues more than any other class of aircraft.

The AS3X System for airplanes was inspired by the use of the AS3X Flybarless System in ultra micro helicopters like the Blade® mCP X and Blade mSR X. Through a MEMS sensor base, AS3X in helicopters is a collective assessment that employs specific Horizon Hobby software and mechanics to deliver a very stable helicopter that also allows the pilot to perform aerobatics. The total package delivered is beyond expectations

With AS3X, the mCP X and mSR X helicopters hold steady really well indoors, as well as outside in moderate wind. No matter what skill level pilot you are, any aircraft that likes to hold steady and reliably return to that same solid attitude is a machine that builds confidence quickly.

Naturally, all the benefits of AS3X in helicopters were wanted in airplanes. However, airplanes have a totally different set of design parameters. Designing an AS3X system for airplanes was almost a completely new project. Like the helicopter, however, one mission was to take the exceptions and limitations out of the airplane – such as all of the bad habits and influences due to wind – and make them practically disappear.

But the AS3X System isn't just a stabilization system alone. Once the MEMS sensors detect counter forces, the AS3X System then combines airplane specific software and mechanics to the design parameters of the particular airplane. And it does so in a manner practically invisible to the RC pilot because the control sensitivity of the airplane is as natural and positive feeling as possible. To an experienced pilot, an ultra micro model equipped with the AS3X System is very similar to flying an expertly tuned giant-scale model.

The AS3X System wasn't only useful to make a great airplane perform even better because it could fly smoothly in the wind; the other half of the AS3X benefit is that its maneuverability could be expanded. Because the sensors tell the AS3X System when the airplane is "bumped" off its flight path, setup of the airplane could include a rear center of gravity and large control surface throws. Without the AS3X System, this would make the airplane very touchy and hard to control. But with AS3X, all of the negative tendencies of an advanced aerobatic 3D setup are virtually eliminated. The benefit is a model that flies straight and true, but still has the outrageous control agility to help the RC pilot perform wild aerobatics.

The AS3X System proved so dynamic with UMX™ airplanes like the Beast® 3D, it opened the door to develop countless aircraft designs previously avoided. The Gee Bee® R2, which has long been admired for its powerful influence on aviation history, was more challenging to fly as a model than a full-scale aircraft. Now with the lightweight and versatile AS3X System, virtually all the "bad habits" of the classic Gee Bee R2 go away, and the beautiful UMX Gee Bee R2 racer instantly becomes a fun-to-fly scale model you'll want to fly every day

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Without the AS3X System, original concept models like the E-flite® UMX Hyper Taxi™ wouldn't be enjoyable to fly at all by the average RC pilot. But with the AS3X System onboard, suddenly vertical takeoffs are not only possible, they can be comfortable for the intermediate pilot to perform routinely. And because all AS3X System equipped models are easier to fly and feel more natural to control, you'll learn and build skills as a pilot more quickly.

Another great thing about the AS3X System is that there's virtually nothing extra required in order to enjoy the experience. All AS3X System equipped models require only a basic DSM2™/DSMX® compatible "AERO" program to work—you don't even need a computer radio. Once you're bound, just confirm the control surface directions and its ready to deliver the AS3X System flight experience.

If you are an intermediate to advanced RC pilot, we think the AS3X System flight experience will be the most satisfying possible. To see more about what we mean, visit your local dealer, or visit

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