How-To Hi-Start Your ParkZone Ka-8

9/13/2013 by John Diniz

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      The introduction of the ParkZone® Ka-8 sailplane marks the first offering without an electric motor for getting the model airborne. But that doesn't mean you don't have options with this great flying scale sailplane. The Ka-8 has three options for launching and flying without an electric motor. Aerotowing, with the addition of the optional E-flite® Servoless Payload Release (EFLA405), hand launching for slope flying, and hi-start launching. This last option is a simple and time tested method of launching sailplanes. But if you've never used a hi-start it can seem intimidating and complicated.
      The E-flite Hi-Start, 450' 2-3M (EFLA650) was designed with the ParkZone Ka-8 in mind. And in this How-To video we'll show you a few fundamentals and tips to successfully get your Ka-8, or any other 2- to 3-meter, sailplane airborne with a hi-start. We cover assembling your hi-start as well as where to set it up and how to be respectful of those around you. Whether at the flying field or a local park, there are a few "rules-of-the-road" that you should follow for your safety and the safety of others. Sailplanes and thermal flying can be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing forms of RC and we want to make sure that you enjoy your Ka-8 to the fullest.

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