ElectraJet EP w/ESC & Delta Mix *


Excitement in the Air
E-Flite's new Electrajet combines the exciting looks of a futuristic fighter jet with the convenience of foam construction and electric power in one easy-to-fly package. Constructed from high-impact injection-molded foam, the Electrajet can be built in as little as three hours. Wings and fins key into the fuselage, insuring proper alignment. The control surfaces are hinged, using the included Mylar plastic hinges. Everything but a radio, two micro servos, and battery is included. A transmitter with delta mixing is not required. Any aircraft radio with three or more channels can be used, thanks to the included on-board electronic delta mixer. You just plug the delta mixer into the elevator and aileron channels on the receiver and then connect it to the left and right wing servos. It takes care of the rest.

The Electrajet also comes with E-Flite's Maxx 25 electronic speed controller, a 380 motor, and a gear reduction unit with prop. The gear reduction offers greater thrust and endurance than a direct drive would, yielding flight times in the 5- to 7-minute range.

Operation "Deserted Lot"
We found the open lot across the street from our offices to be the ideal proving ground for the Electrajet's flight performance. That's the real beauty of compact electric airplanes-they can be flown in fairly confined areas such as a park or vacant lot because of their slower speeds, hand launch convenience, and quieter operation. With a fully charged 8-cell 700mAh pack, the Electrajet aggressively climbs out after launch. The "whirring" sound of its 380 motor and futuristic jet styling resonate with an authentic turbine sound and feel that will have you humming "Danger Zone" before you know it. Full throttle 18- to 20-mph "high-speed" passes are typical. Because the Electrajet uses delta mixing, it's not limited to pitch and rudder; it can roll too.

Where the Electrajet is most impressive is in the slow-speed envelope. The Electrajet is nearly impossible to stall and will fly rock-stable at nose-high attitudes with near full-up elevator and a low throttle setting. Flight characteristics like these which are common to delta wing aircraft made shooting pinpoint landings a piece of cake. We had the most fun, though, conducting low-level "air strikes" that included high banking turns around the bushes and strafing the windows on the business next door. They probably thought we had too much fun.

Anyone looking for a quick building, easy-to-maintain electric park flyer should give the E-Flite™ Electrajet a close look. Its supersonic jet-fighter looks and delta-wing maneuverability make for one of the most rewarding park flyer experiences available anywhere.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 33.25 in
Wing Area: 352 sq in
Flying Weight: 16-24 oz
Motor Size: 380

Needed to Complete

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