Tensor 4D ARF

Key Features

  • Extreme 3D aerobatic performance indoors and outdoors
  • Revolutionary design by renowned aerodynamicist and eTOC champion George Hicks
  • Assembles quickly and easily in just a few hours
  • Side force generators provide lift and allow slow knife-edge flight
  • Extensive high-quality reinforced carbon-fiber wing and tail supports
  • Laser-cut flat-foam construction
  • Vibrant factory-painted trim scheme


When three dimensions just aren’t enough, experienced aerobatic pilots can turn to E-flite’s new Tensor 4D ARF, the exciting foamy that won the first Electric Tournament of Champions earlier this year. Thanks to its revolutionary design by top-level Unlimited Aerobatic ace and 2004 eTOC champion George Hicks, using advanced tools such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the Tensor provides extreme 3D aerobatic performance both indoors and out.

Key to the Tensor are its side force generators-vertically oriented wings that generate the necessary lift and low angles of sideslip to excel at slow knife-edge flight. Extensive carbon fiber wing supports stabilize the structure
and make it extraordinarily strong, yet extremely lightweight.

The Tensor is constructed from painted laser-cut flat-foam and assembles quickly and easily in just a few hours.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 27 in (685mm)
Overall Length: 30 in (760mm)
Wing Area: 393 sq in (25 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 9.5 oz (270 g)
Motor Size: Park 370 Outrunner Brushless
Radio: 4 channels
Servos: 3 sub-micro servos
Trim Scheme Colors: Painted blue / yellow
CG (center of gravity): 2-1/4 - 2-1/2 in (57 - 63.5 mm) Behind the leading edge at top of wing
Prop Size: 10 x 4.7
Hardware Included: Yes
Speed Control: 10+ Amps Brushless
Recommended Battery: 2-Cell 7.4V 860mAh Li-Po
Control Throw (Ailerons): 30 degree Up (use 40% expo) / 30 degree Down
Control Throw (Elevator): 60 degree Up (use 60% expo) / 60 degree Down
Control Throw (Rudder): 40 degree Right (use 50% expo) / 40 degree Left
Approx. Flying Duration: 10 minutes

Needed to Complete

Outrunner Motor
10 x 4.7 Prop
Brushless ESC
4+ Ch Radio
3 Sub-micro Servos
Large Servo Arms
4+ Ch Receiver
Li-Po Battery
Li-Po Charger
Foam Safe CA


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