Tribute FX 3D ARF

Tribute FX 3D ARF

Key Features

  • Designed by ETOC champ George Hicks to excel at freestyle 3D aerobatics
  • Full-form symmetrical airfoil for enhanced precision and strength
  • Vacuum-formed foam fuselage that’s tough enough for outdoor conditions
  • Factory-painted trim scheme, fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Magnetic battery hatch


Designed by ETOC champ George Hicks, the Tribute FX 3D combines the lightweight, fly-anywhere freedom of a profile foamie with the full-fuselage rigidity of a balsa plane. This full-fuselage design is more rigid than a profile foamie, so it can be flown outdoors, even in windy conditions.  The full-form symmetrical airfoil wing lets you fly 3D maneuvers with absolute precision.The result is a 3D machine that is just as at home at the flying field as it is at the park. For freestyle fun that knows no bounds, this is the plane.

Anxious to get in the air?  You can get the Tribute FX 3D airborne fast thanks to features like the factory-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.  Thanks to the magnetic battery hatch, swapping out batteries is quick and easy as well.

The Tribute FX 3D ARF is another in E-flite’s outstanding line of electric RC aircraft and accessories. E-flite uses top-quality engineering and materials in everything they make, so you always get the maximum level of value and fun.  And E-flite backs all of its products with the best customer service and support in the hobby so your electric flight experience is always a positive one.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 39 in (990mm)
Overall Length: 44 in (1120mm)
Wing Area: 345 sq in (22.3 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 17.5–19 oz (495–540 g), w/o Battery 15–16 oz (425–450 g)
Radio: Recommended: 6-channel with 4 sub-micro servos

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