Edge 540 BP 3D ARF

Edge 540 BP 3D ARF

Key Features

  • Light wing loading for excellent 3D performance
  • Open structure airframe keeps weight to a minimum
  • Tapered-thickness airfoil for improved handling
  • 90% factory built and covered in UltraCote® and UltraCote Lite
  • Factory-drilled control horn mounting holes
  • Factory-finished wheel pants
  • Includes outrunner stick mount for use with Park 400 and Park 450 outrunner motors
  • Includes all hardware
  • Generously proportioned control surfaces


The Edge 540 BP 3D combines the sturdy construction of a balsa/lightweight plywood airframe with the uninhibited 3D capability of a lightweight profile park flyer. It’s all made possible by its intelligently engineered, open structure design that keeps weight to a bare minimum while providing all the structural integrity of a real wooden airframe. This feather-light construction, combined with a high-output brushless motor, will provide spine-tingling 3D and freestyle performance that will let you really push the limits. And it comes from the factory 90% built and covered in genuine UltraCote, so you can be up and flying in no time.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 35.5in (900mm)
Overall Length: 36.5 in (930mm)
Wing Area: 410 sq in (26.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 15-16 oz (425-455g)
Motor Size: Park 400 or Park 450
Radio: 6 channels (for proper mixing)
Servos: 4 sub-micro
Trim Scheme Colors: Ultracote Lite Transparent Clear (HANU964), Ultracote Lite Transparent Yellow (HANU967),Ultracote White (HANU870),Ultracote True Red (HANU866)
CG (center of gravity): 4 1/2-inch (114mm)
Prop Size: 11x3.8 slowflyer (park 400) or 12x6 E (Park 450)
Hardware Included: Yes
Speed Control : 20A Brushless
Recommended Battery: 11.1V 3-cell 910-1320mAh Li-Po
Control Throw (Ailerons): 1" (25mm) with 20% Expo on Low or 2" (50mm) with 40% Expo on High
Control Throw (Elevator): 2" (50mm) with 20% Expo on Low or 2-3/4" (70mm) with 45% Expo on High
Control Throw (Rudder): 3-1/2" (89mm) Left and Right
Scale: Park Flyer
Approx. Assembly Time: 3-4 Hours

Needed to Complete

6-channel transmitter (for proper mixing and dual rate capabilities)
Micro receiver
4 sub-micro servos
20A Brushless ESC
Battery & Charger

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