UMX Sbach 342 BNF

Supporting Products

Completion Guides Recommended Transmitters   (See All)

  • DX6i DSMX 6-Channel Transmitter Only Mode 2

  • ***REORD SPMR8810

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • 180mAh 2S 7.4V 20C LiPo, 26AWG

  • Firewall: UMX Beast

  • Pushrod Set: UMX Sbach 342

  • Spinner: UMX Sbach 342

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • Balance Charger Adapter UMX to THP

  • Balance Charger Adapter UMX to EFL

  • Celectra 80W AC/DC Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger

  • AC to 12VDC, 1.5-Amp Power Supply