Control the Air

Fly without FEAR

From the RC innovation leaders at Horizon Hobby, revolutionary SAFE™ technology delivers an aircraft intelligent enough to understand its flight attitude. This groundbreaking capability has allowed E-flite to create aircraft for beginners that offers a far more relaxing learning experience with all new options to help them solo more quickly and have a greater ability to protect their investment right out of the box.

A New Way to Reach for the Sky


SAFE technology helps the aircraft understand its flight attitude in the air. It's that breakthrough in spatial awareness that allows limits on bank and pitch angles to be locked in. Control freedom up to those limits is always crisp for an intuitive learning experience like no other. But that's not all...

RC Flight That's Trouble-FREE



The integration of SAFE™ technology into the E-flite® Apprentice® S 15e RTF introduces a sophisticated flight training system that allows RC pilots to develop flying skills more safely. This is not an autopilot or self-guiding robot. The sensors and software in this system help you fly the airplane by offering progressive modes of protection that significantly reduce the risk of an out-of-control crash. Regardless of the mode you choose, freedom of control within that envelope is unrestricted.


  • Pitch and Roll angles are limited to help you keep the aircraft airborne
  • When controls are returned to neutral, SAFE returns aircraft to level flight
  • Stability assisted takeoff and landing
  • Throttle based climb and descent


  • Pitch and Roll angle allowances are expanded to offer a larger flight envelope that protects the pilot from entering extreme flight conditions
  • The pilot experiences natural AS3X® technology assited flight for smooth handling and outstanding precision


  • The pilot experiences natural AS3X technology assisted flight for smooth handling and outstanding precision with a virtually unlimited flight envelope.


You can progress through each flight mode as your skills increase, all with the confidence of an optional Panic Recovery mode. At the flip of a transmitter switch any time during a flight, Panic recovery will get your aircraft to a safe flying attitude.

Pilot loses control of the aircraft in any flight mode.

Pilot pushes the panic recovery button. The aircraft will return to level flight...

...once the aircraft is flying straight and level, the pilot returns all other controls to their neutral position and continues a gentle climb to a safe altitude.

Fly Safe RC

The E-flite® Apprentice® S 15e RTF airplane features multiple levels of flight envelope protection and an exclusive Panic switch with instant rescue capability.